Recognizing Alzheimer's Disease at the Earliest Stages: Key Signs and Symptoms

Dr. Howard Fillit from the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation discusses keys to early recognition for Alzheimer's disease.
  • Overview

    Quality care for patients with Alzheimer's disease starts with early recognition, which enables a timely diagnosis and subsequent intervention with the best available treatment and support options. As such, understanding the broad spectrum of signs and symptoms at the earliest stages of disease is absolutely critical.

    Joining host Dr. John Russell to discuss the keys to early recognition for Alzheimer's Disease is Dr. Howard Fillit, founding Executive Director and Chief Science Officer for the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation. 


    Uncover the truth about Alzheimer's in the non-certified educational series, Alzheimer's Disease: Towards Earlier Detection, sponsored by Lilly. Content for this series is produced and controlled by ReachMD. This series is intended for healthcare professionals only.

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